We provide fundamentally complete solutions that allow electronic archiving and data management.

The operating instructions (paper documentation) that we generate are made in several formats, depending on the customer's requirements, typically in Word format or as PDF -format.

The PDF format is widely used as a data format for preparing data for the end user, and provides excellent capabilities for platform-independent use of the original data. On the user side, as well, there is no problem with compatibility or licensing costs, due to the free Acrobat Reader.

In addition, the PDF format offers many ways to define interactions that are particularly useful for technical instructions. Since JavaScript can be integrated in PDF documents, generating dynamic processes in documents has become easier. This applies especially to complex documentation systems, where the accessible structuring of huge quantities of data is key.

Especially with the new 3D format, which can be viewed in Acrobat Reader 8.0, there are now flexible solutions to make even general 3D CAD data available to customers.

Through customization via Visual Basic, technical documentation can be made extremely flexible, which not only reduces costs in data management, but also include a not insignificant increase in the quality of presentation of the information. This applies especially for CAD applications, of course.

More and more often, Technical Instructions are provided via the Internet, or a company intranet. It's not enough, of course, to simply convert the data for paper documentation into a web-capable format. Rather, the data must be reformatted and provided with the appropriate interactive elements.

In addition to Adobe Acrobat, we also use Macromedia Studio for this purpose. We can therefore edit all necessary formats, from PHP applications to XML.

The integration of flexible database systems is also becoming more and more important in the field of Technical Instructions today. SQL-based solutions are the best option for this, and range from Windows Access database to the Open Source application MySQL. In this area, as well, we have years of experience in the implementation of complex problems.

For the implementation of risk analyses and CE labeling of your machines, we can consult with you on the appropriate technology and our expertise.

In the past, we have implemented large projects in diverse fields, and have worked successfully with well-known manufacturers for years.

These include, in detail::

Complete documentation of all press systems for a German automobile manufacturer, in CAD and PDF

Integration of press documentation in an Intranet (Windows / Unix)

Integration of controls guidelines in an Intranet for a German automobile manufacturer

Mechanization specifications and tooling controls guidelines using dynamically generated PDF documents

Risk analysis with operating instructions in specialty machine building for various machine manufacturers.

Programming of various CD-ROM training and WEB-Based Training programs.

Conversion of CAD files using VBA (up to 6000 drawings in one project).

Conversion of 3D CAD data to 3D PDF model.

Development of 3D CAD models in Inventor and Unigraphics NX.

Development of a training program for CE labeling of machines.

Further information on our technical capabilities is available under the "Technical References" menu item, in the left task bar.

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